Commercial Crating & Shipping

From one-time projects like relocating a manufacturing plant to building custom crates for packaging finished manufactured products, Crate Pros has the experience and expertise to be your reliable and trusted packaging, shipping and commercial crating partner. We provide affordable, high-quality crating, and commercial shipping services for almost all commercial industries including data centers, sensitive electronics, industrial manufacturing, military, and aerospace. Our full-service capacities include on-site crating and packaging, international air and ocean shipping, rigging support, and ocean shipping container packing. All of our crating and skidding materials are ISPM-15 certified and stamped, so you can ship anywhere in the world with us without worrying about customs clearance at your international destination.

Crate Pros Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging

Ocean Container Block & Brace

Ocean Container Block & Brace

Crate Pros Rigging Services

Rigging Services

Data Center & Server Crating

Data Center & Server Crating

Commercial Pick-up & Delivery

Pick-up & Delivery

Crating & Shipping

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