Electronic Equipment Crating

As your Nashville’s top crating partner for difficult to ship items, we can assist you with packing and crating most any sensitive electronic equipment. Examples of industries with sensitive and fragile electronics with whom we’ve partnered previously: 

Recording and Film Industries: With Nashville being the “Music City“, it is no secret the amount of music that is produced here. From today’s most sophisticated digital recording consoles to yesterday’s vintage MCI tape recording machines, recording studios call on Crate Pros to help them ship this sensitive equipment cross country and throughout the world.

Data Centers and Server Racks: Protecting your valuable equipment with a rack server shipping crate ensures that it will arrive safely and work once it is installed in the data center. Our design engineers are experts at taking your requirements and translating them into a cost-effective plan that incorporates important features such as ramps, foam support, and the cushion from the floating base of the crate. Crate Pros manufactures rack crates to tight tolerances, which provides excellent performance if a shock or impact occurs and provides you the customer peace of mind that your servers will arrive in the same condition they departed from your data center.

Manufacturing, Design, and Quality Control Test and Calibration Equipment: Whether it’s an internal transfer to a sister location or a needed repair or calibration of a critical piece of laboratory testing equipment, you need a partner who can quickly interpret your requirements into a packaging solution that will safeguard your equipment to its destination (and back if it is being repaired). Crate Pros works with quality, engineering, maintenance, production, and other departments within industrial/manufacturing companies to assist in solving critical logistical challenges that occur when that difficult to ship a piece of equipment needs to be quickly, safely and cost-effectively shipped.

Specialty packaging available for our sensitive electronics crating include:

  • Floating deck and cushioned base crates
  • Vacuum packing for clean room compatibility and contamination reduction
  • Moisture Protection such as barrier bags with desiccant to ensure maximum protection from dust and moisture/humidity levels
  • Anti-static bubble wrap
  • Tilt and shock monitoring

Commercial Crating

From one-time factory relocation projects, on-site crating, packaging, rigging arrangements to international shipping, Crate Pros will provide high-quality and cost-effective crating solutions for your business crating needs. We use ISPM-15 Certified materials to help you ship anywhere anytime without worrying about custom clearance at your international destination.

Commercial Crating Services

Project Spotlight

Broadcast Audio Mixer and Server Rack

Crate Pros was hired by a Texas company specializing in mobile broadcast capabilities to pick-up, pack, and crate, and ship a broadcast audio mixer (shown), a server rack, and several other components to the Houston Texas area. Before crating the mixer was over 100" long and 450 lbs., so it took 4 men to remove it from the Nashville Studio where it resided and to secure it safely into our truck. All items were meticulously packed by our team, and everything arrived safely to the buyer.

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