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A brief introduction to Crate Pros, their capabilities, and how they are connecting individuals and companies with their freight all across the world!

Project Geronimo - Tier 1 Auto Parts Manufacturer

In September 2019 Crate Pros completed a large-scale production crating project in support of an international auto parts manufacturer. From design to construction to JIT delivery of the crates on a schedule coordinated with the manufacturer’s production, the Crate Pros team successfully completed this project with 100% on-time delivery.

Project Thunder
Mil-Spec Crating

Project Thunder Mil-Spec Crating In October 2019 Crate Pros completed a collaborative project in support of a federal government prime contractor. Our mission was to construct crates and protective packaging for sensitive equipment used on aerial intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms in support of our nation’s armed services. This video highlights some of the finished custom crates and subcomponents we produced in support of our customer.

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