Oversized Freight Shipping

Tortilla Chip Machine to Mexico

As a specialist in difficult to ship freight, we can always find a way to ship your oversized freight to its international or domestic destination by leveraging our vast team of transportation partners around the world. Shipping oversized cargo is a matter of detail, proper planning, execution, and leveraging our supporting team of riggers, crane operators, and other specialists who will ensure we exceed your expectations every time.

Domestic (U.S.) Oversized Ground Transportation Capabilities:

  • Extendable Flatbed: Used for over-length loads up to 115′ (max height 8′ 6″)
  • Step Deck Trailer: Used for over-height loads of up to 10’6″
  • Extended Step Deck Trailer: Used for over-height loads of up to 10’6″ and over-length loads of up to 68′
  • Double Drop (Low-Boy) Trailers: Used for over-height loads up to 12′ tall and up to 29’6″ long

International Oversized Ocean Transportation Capabilities: Assuming your freight will not fit inside standard 20-foot or 40-foot shipping containers or specialty open-top or high-cube containers, your ocean freight will be considered oversized. Below are the most common methods Crate Pros uses to ship oversized ocean freight.

  • Flat Rack Shipping Method: This uses a large platform without walls and a roof. It is common when shipping boats, trucks, RVs and heavy machinery and oversized crates overseas. Often, these flat racks are the last items loaded onto a ship, so the cargo will generally be more exposed to the elements over the course of the sailing.  To address this exposure, especially with longer shipment durations, we shrinkwrap (heat-shrink) newer vehicles and equipment.
  • Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo): Using the RoRo method for shipping oversize freight internationally is another option. This type of transport is cost effective and simple for large vehicles like trucks, motorhomes and RVs. When shipping oversized vehicles overseas, having wheels becomes a major benefit, but the vehicles must be able to move on their own power to utilize this method.  They roll onto the shipping vessel below deck and out of the elements. Generally, operators adhere to a 15-foot height restriction for the loading ramp going into the hull of the ship.
  • Lift-On Lift-Off (LoLo):  As it implies, this method involves transporting with lift on lift off and it happens for vessels that don’t have storage in the hull, so a crane loads all the items, machines, or equipment onto the deck.  Shipping oversized cargo that has been crated and vehicles that aren’t running are quite common with this method.

International Oversized Air Transportation Capabilities: In business, “time is money,” and in certain situations, additional days in transit for mission-critical equipment could cost in the millions of dollars. Expedited transport of oversized and heavy equipment by air is sometimes the best business decision in order to fulfill orders, keep production lines running, or avoid even more costly consequences like losing a customer.  When your situation dictates the need to move your oversized freight internationally, contact Crate Pros and allow us to provide you with options of how our experts can assist you in transporting your freight and meeting your critical deadlines.

Commercial Crating

From one-time factory relocation projects, on-site crating, packaging, rigging arrangements to international shipping, Crate Pros will provide high-quality and cost-effective crating solutions for your business crating needs. We use ISPM-15 Certified materials to help you ship anywhere anytime without worrying about custom clearance at your international destination.

Commercial Crating Services

Project Spotlight

International Oversized Ocean Shipping (Roll-on Roll Off) of Peterbilt Wrecker

Crate Pros recently assisted a German customer with shipping his recently purchased Peterbilt Wrecker for semi trucks to Hamburg, Germany. While the process is fairly complex, Crate Pros assisted the customer throughout the entire process in order for it to be seamless from his end. We first arranged for the pick-up and transport of the 25,000 lb. vehicle using a low-boy, double drop trailer because of the extreme height of the truck to take it to the port of Norfolk. Next, we worked with our customs clearance team to clear the vehicle title through customs in order to authorize booking on the vessel. Ultimately, the vehicle was loaded onto the ship for the 25+ day transit to Germany. By the time the vehicle arrived to Germany the owner had received the original title and other documents to claim it at the port. While there were numerous steps and documentation along the way, the customer received their oversized freight ahead of schedule and in excellent condition.

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