International Air Freight Shipping

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Also known as air cargo, air freight is the transportation of packages and goods by air for quick and safe delivery, no matter the location and borders. Shipment of cargo has always been a ideal mode for faster deliveries. Air freight shipments is the mode of transportation that proves to be really helpful in times of absolute need.  

Whether you need an expedited domestic shipment or international shipment, Crate Pros can provide you the air freight transport options needed to support your timeline. We have extensive experience in coordinating and executing both international import and export shipments, to include helping you navigate the sometimes complex procedures involved with customs brokerage and customs clearance.

Even with your most complex, oversized, and specialty freight that may be governed by IATA regulations, Crate Pros will ensure you are aware of the pertinent restrictions and will guide you and your team through the entire process. Below is a listing of some of the international air freight shipping categories available to you through Crate Pros:

  • Air Priority: For time sensitive cargo Air Priority is the right choice. It includes priority handling at the origin, first flight out, expedited clearance and delivery at the destination to ensure fast door to door performance.
  • Air Connect: With over 17,000 scheduled departures per week from over 250 city pairs, Air Connect is the right balance of speed and efficiency for moving a wide range of shipments door to door to every major marketplace worldwide.
  • Air Economy: Using alternative routing and carrier selection, Air Economy is a cost-effective product with no loss of customer service. For less time-sensitive cargo where reliability still counts, this is an economical choice.
  • Air Charter: Provides flexible capacity and routing options for your special lift requirements. From new product launches and line down situations to handling oversize, heavyweight or other special cargo, we have qualified charter experts in key centers of trade.
  • Thermonet: Is the global standard for temperature-controlled life sciences air freight services, delivers unparalleled visibility supported by a worldwide network of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certified life sciences stations, regulatory compliant customer procedures, 24/7/365 proactive shipment monitoring and intervention.

Commercial Crating

From one-time factory relocation projects, on-site crating, packaging, rigging arrangements to international shipping, Crate Pros will provide high-quality and cost-effective crating solutions for your business crating needs. We use ISPM-15 Certified materials to help you ship anywhere anytime without worrying about custom clearance at your international destination.

Commercial Crating Services

Project Spotlight

International Air Freight Shipping - Landrover Defender Engine Warrantee Return

Arkonik, in Mells, England recently selected Crate Pros to pack, crate and ship a Landrover Defender engine back them as a part of a warranty return and replacement. Because of the odd shape and size of the diesel engine, we created a cradle that would both level and balance the engine for air shipment. Once bolted to the cradle, the engine was secured to the crate base to ensure minimal movement in transit overseas. Since this was an international air shipping, the engine needed to be drained, purged, and rinsed of all liquids in accordance with IATA Special Provision A70. As with most international air freight shipping, both air and ocean transport were considered and offered to the customer, but based on their timeline, air transport was the only feasible option for this freight.

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