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Furniture Shipping Made Easy: Whether you are an e-commerce retailer, interior designer, or just shipping furniture across country, finding a reliable furniture shipping company can be a hassle. Often you need a few different furniture movers to get the job done, one to consolidate, another to consolidate, and even another one to deliver. Well, at Crate Pros, we have changed the rules of the game when it comes to shipping furniture; we simplify the process while at the same time making our services pocket friendly. Whether it is for office or home, let our experts help to solve any furniture shipping challenge. We offer various services that help you to ship your furniture efficiently and cost-effectively.

Packing Furniture for Shipping: When shipping your furniture, our team works hard to ensure that your items arrive in the same condition as they left your former residence. To make sure this happens, we take additional steps to help pack and prepare your items. The major reason for freight damage is improper packaging, so packing your furniture properly is crucial to avoid damage. With many years of experience in furniture shipping services under our belt, Crate Pros experts have learned a few tips to help you pack your furniture for shipping. This ensures that your furniture gets shipped where it is required at the best possible price.

Crating Furniture for Shipping: When it comes to packaging your items, using a wooden crate is one of the safest ways to transport valuable, fragile, and heavy furniture for long distances. We understand that crating your furniture for shipping can be a daunting process and normally requires good preparation on your end. At Crate Pros, we make the process of crating your furniture simple by picking up your items at your business or home and take them to our warehouse, where our seasoned experts’ crate and ship them for you to their intended destination.

Count on the Furniture Shipping Experts: Our seasoned experts have many years of experience furniture shipping services. They can explain how to get your couches, cabinets, chest of drawers, headboards, an oversize wardrobe, or luxurious dining room shipped at the best combination of reliable service and affordable price. No matter how oddly-shaped, large, or fragile your furniture might be, Crate Pros experts can give you advice on packing/boxing, crating, and shipping furniture the right way. Do you need help shipping furniture across country? Contact us today !!

Along with Furniture Shipping, we do provide Fine Art & Antiques Shipping Packing & Crating.

Residential Crating

Crate Pros – Nashville Crating Company, a trusted residential shipping and crating solutions provider. We specialize in auctions, complex estate moves, senior downsizing, fine arts, and antiques, but our company can also handle difficult to ship freight, and we provide this service anywhere anytime.

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