Commercial/Industrial Equipment Crating

Tortilla Chip Machine to Mexico

Crate Pros seeks to serve your company as a logistics partner specializing in crating, packaging, and shipping. The categories of services we normally provide for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies are: 

Production Crating: As a supplier to the packaging your product will be packed in, we work with your packaging engineers to develop the best packaging solution to protect your product and get it safely to your customer. Once we have the solution in which you can pack and ship your product, we work with your purchasing and production scheduling to ensure we deliver the right products at the right time to support your schedule and to minimize the footprint of crates and pallets on your factory floor. As a true logistics partner, we work with you to determine emergency stock quantities needed that we can warehouse for you and have delivered within 4 hours. Since all of our packaging materials and lumber are ISPM-15 certified, our production crates are export customs compliant for shipping your product internationally.

Production & Maintenance Support: When a critical piece of equipment breaks or needs to be shipped off for calibration or maintenance, we work with your team to quickly and efficiently pack, crate, and ship the items, so that we can minimize the effect it may have on your operation. In addition, as companies transfer tooling or dies between locations, our durable crates provide a reusable container that can be used to return the items when finished.

Special Projects: Whether you are needing to crate prototype products for customer review or needing to relocate a production line to a different country, Crate Pros has the experience and expertise to lead you through the crating and shipping components of these projects to ensure you and your team’s success. For many multinational corporations in the United States, parent headquarters or large customers often reside outside of the country. Teaming with Crate Pros to design and fabricate your prototype product packaging will allow your team to focus on the manufacturing of your products. In addition, we can assist with the relocation of full production lines or cross-leveling equipment between plants, especially when it is a cross-border transfer that will require export compliant packaging and crating.

Commercial Crating

From one-time factory relocation projects, on-site crating, packaging, rigging arrangements to international shipping, Crate Pros will provide high-quality and cost-effective crating solutions for your business crating needs. We use ISPM-15 Certified materials to help you ship anywhere anytime without worrying about custom clearance at your international destination.

Commercial Crating Services

Project Spotlight

Milspec Gun for the Apache Helicopter

Our Huntsville team recently continued their impressive work in support of the Apache, the world’s greatest attack helicopter, with these recent milspec gun turret crates used to ship the sensitive weapons system components for retrofit or repair, and then back into operation supporting our nations warfighters. The milspec gun for the apache helicopter is a single-barrel electrically driven autocannon using external electrical power (as opposed to recoil or expanding gas generated by the firing cartridge) to cycle the weapon between shots.

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