Oversized Acrylic on Canvas Painting Shipment

Fine Artwork & Antiques Packing & Crating

Project Description

Crate Pros works directly with artists, buyers, sellers, or gallery managers to professionally package and ship rare, high value, and fragile artwork both domestically and internationally. This project involves a painting that was over 6-feet wide and 5-feet tall.  We worked in partnership with the on-line sales agent, the local gallery, and the purchaser to coordinate every detail that would us ultimately make our partners shine and the end customer be delighted. As with most artwork, this piece was packed on-edge, which provides the greatest support to artwork, mirrors, and fragile items.  In order to allow the LTL shipping company to easily handle it, we placed the crate upright on an “A-Frame,” that can be lifted by a forklift and minimizes the tipping risk.  As you can see the crate was lined with Polyethylene Foam on all sides for cushioning, and the fit of the crate was built for a snug fit allowing safe transport of this sensitive one of a kind painting.

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