Crate Pro’s 3 C’s

Crate Pros Crating and Packing Company

As the first blog post I thought it was important to provide introductory information about who we are as a company and those things that are most important to us as a company in serving you as our Nashville crating and packaging customer. The best way to do this is to describe “Crate Pros 3 C’s.

Competence: We are packaging, crating, and shipping professionals and we will provide you industry leading packaging that meets or surpasses industry specifications and standards. We also understand that in order to generate the value you are seeking, we must invest time, resources, and relationships in seeking out the most competitive and proficient vendors and shipping carriers in the market. With over 10 domestic LTL shipping carrier partners and over 5 international shipping partners, our vast network of shipping carriers stands behind Crate Pros in providing you the best value in the market.

Courtesy: We are passionate about you and helping solve your logistics challenges. Not only do we aim to be responsive in your requests, but we will also pledge to treat you how we like to be treated by our best partners. From proactive communication updates to excellent service levels in our pick-ups, deliveries, and shipments, we value you and your project and seek to demonstrate that through our work in support of you.

Commitment: We take on your freight or project like it was our own. When we commit to a date or time, we do everything possible to meet it. The safe arrival of your freight is a commitment we make to you by accepting your business. By offering comprehensive shipper’s interest cargo insurance to customers, we are standing behind our competence, but in the rare occurrence that something happens, we have you covered. That is the same reason we are a licensed and bonded freight forwarder. We are committed to you from pick-up to delivery, and should something not go as planned, we will work with you to resolve it.

Thanks for taking time to read this first blog post. Future posts will be geared towards industry trends, Crate Pros capabilities, and interesting projects we have undertaken. In the mean time I would enjoy hearing your feedback on this blog or any other topic pertinent to your business.


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